21 Jan 2015

Why we Trade Mighty Central Saint Martins vs Lesser Known Talent...

Proud of being Swiss, we've decided not to pursue a collaboration with prestigeous Central Saint Martins, but to shift out attention towards young Swiss fashion designers instead. 

It is all still in the making and definitely that bit more risky. But what's for sure, it will not be another wave of Swiss Kitsch like Moschino's or worse, a repeat of the 90ies etho-design.

We simply seek to uncover passionate Swiss minds who dare stretching into a more discerned, creative direction while not compromising on the design trade's tried and tested fundamentals. 

That's an all more genuine match with our brand and exactly what we aim to do with Swiss Cherry. 

What's more, in doing we also hope to show another fascette of that little caleidoscope of an alpine nation that isn't always what is seems. 

Feel like sharing your take on that upcoming fashion designer? Drop us a line on moreabout@swisscherry.com Fruity rewards ahead...

9 Jan 2015

Trial Switzerland's Latest Spa Secret...

Perfect to promote relaxation, circulation and detoxification, Thailand's centuries-old herbal compress (Luk Pra Kob) seems to be a spa-favourite to treat sore, aching muscles and joints. 

What's more, the clever combination of heath and manual therapy plus its artisanal design was the inspiration for Swiss Cherry's heat massage ball.
Heat Massage Ball from Swiss Cherry
Once heated, the hundreds of cherry stones inside every massage ball gently release the stored energy, allowing you to use it like a herbal compress. Without the herbal effects that is, but with extra impact onto your manual massage. 

So, let the hot cherry stones amplify your massage with additonal tissue stimulation. Whether you're gently tapping energy lines, applying pressure with rotation, rolling the ball under your forearm and reinforcing deep static pressure with your elbow on top of it or are about to finishing-off with drainage movements...

Can't wait to get your hands on our all-natural heat massage ball? Simply email us your favourite massage ball technique and we might quite well honour the 3 most creative suggestions with a free sample...

Send us your suggestions before Sunday 2. February 2015 on