3 Jul 2013

Let's Have a Ball...

Each year, the Mediterranean spills-out millions of those beach-infesting, brown furry sea grass balls. Looked upon as an ugly nuisance, it took a bored, mid-aged German kite-surfer to discover the Posidonia Oceanica's amazing insulation properties... 

Sea grass is 20 % more efficient that any other natural insulator. And its energy footprint is an impressive 30 times better. On top, there are no recycling cost. Simply mixed into your garden's soil should you ever decided to tear the house down in the future.

So here's some good news for those post-materialistic, Saab-driving, organic food shoppers towing with the idea to build an environmentally conscious home. 

Invest into a Neptutherm. It will cost you an arm and a leg, but just as well might let you sleep with better conscience. Oh, and it will save you a quid or two in the long run.

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