12 May 2013

Swiss Fears About Chocolate Heaven

Declared unfit for virtuous citizens by Zurich Council in 1722 over aphrodisiac fears, the Swiss luckily overcame their inhibitions only to emerge as a global leader in chocolate production. 

Today, some of the world's most refined chocolate originates from a small rural Swiss village. Maybe one of the smallest manufacturers, Max Felchlin AG aims to be the best amongst the best in terms of quality.

focus on traditional production, sustainability and on customer dedication for acclaimed chocolatiers like Idilio proves them right. 

Goethe-inspired Felchlin also believes that the spirit upon which they base their actions is the ultimate. A lofty, philosophical ambition we at Swiss Cherry only but support.

However, lacking wings, we're simply glad to put our hands on some of their exquisite Xocolatl and a red bull or two. To reach those lofty heights in time...