3 Feb 2013

Sash Window Upgrade - The Swiss Way

Does the cold make you dream about upgrading your sash windows? Here are the two basic ways to put an end to the nightmare of heat loss and draught:

The British Way
To cut the case, it costs 450 - 1400 GBP a window. Wether
 you get a chippie to reglaze / draught proof the existing ones, put up secondary internal glazing or go for the full monty with high performance triple-glazed, draught-stripped sashs (details).

The Swiss Alternative
Swiss Cherry turned a little known thermal secret into a novel thermal insulator. Filled with hundreds of cherry stones that mould themselves into their surroundings, we created a nifty, efficient thermal barrier. 

The Smarter Way
Well, we might be a bit biast here, but we think it pays to do it like the Swiss this time. So go on then - save your time, energy and that dent in your pocket on http://goo.gl/IsceL and start finally feeling at home in your castle.