26 Jan 2013

Biolace - A Bold Biomimicry Concept

By 2050, we'll not just sport more grey hair... having reached 9 billion, we'll need to reap the benefits of novel ideas like Carole Collet's biolace concept to ensure sustainable development. 

Having founded the Textile Futures course at Central Saint Martin 10 years ago, Collets leapfrogs future challenges today. Her projects speculates about the potential of 'biolace' where biological processes are harnessed to create goods in an sustainable, organic way. 

A future where genetically-modified pants produce both fruit and lace from roots. A bold idea to combine food and textile production in a world with ever more scarce resources. 

Little wonder we're aiming to collaborate with Central Saint Martin's to produce novel fabric designs for our thermal products...
mutually inspired by nature, we are!

12 Jan 2013

Wrapping-up Victorian London...

With the cold hitting town this weekend, we thought is safe to spread word about Swiss Cherry's natural thermal insulators that smartly and stylishly reduce draft from rattling traditional sash windows.

So get ready for Swiss Cherry... from Notting Hill, Chelsea, South Kensington down to Wandsworth Greenwich and Dulwich Village.

And remember, you're doing a good thing too. Every insulator bought gives a homeless kid in London a warm and safe place for 3 nights. Thanks to our collaboration with Centrepoint Charity.

A perfect win-win we think...

6 Jan 2013

King for a Day in Switzerland

With approximately a cake per household, today's 'Dreikoenigskuchen' celebrations are most likely of Switzerland's most successful traditional custom alive.
Associated with the Festival of Epiphany in the Christmas season, the 'Dreikoenigskuchen' has a small hidden trinket (representing a King) inside. If you're lucky enough to get the piece with the trinket, you simply fetch the crown and enjoy various privileges and obligations for the day.

But Switzerland's to crown 1.5 million new royals are not such an elitist clubPopular across many European countries, the king cake is also celebrated in the Quebec, the Spanish America and the Southeastern region of the United Stateswhere it is closely associated with Mardi Gras traditions.

Go on. Get up and get your cake then...