21 Nov 2012

White Christmas - Some Kid's Worst Nightmare

For some kids in the Capital, a white Christmas is their worst nightmare. That's why Swiss Cherry is supporting Centrepoint to provide a homeless young person in London with a safe, warm home for 3 nightsFor every thermal insulator Swiss Cherry sells in the UK.
We think a pretty good reason to spread some love. Don't wait till Christmas...

18 Nov 2012

No Idle Thumbs - just Christmas Magic

Our seamstresses are giving their best to finish a hefty order for Santa. Busy hands, a fine-tuned process and a fair bit of Christmas magic. To whisk up a special edition of our thermal massage balls...

Skilfully blending 690 square meters of finest Swiss-woven cotton fabric with 800 kilos of summer-harvested cherry stones and 6000 meters of especially woven, hard-wearing tightly-woven cotton strings. 

Spicing-up those long, cold winter nights with some extra glow...

17 Nov 2012

Wrap up Your Sash this Winter

Have a cosier winter with our ingenious natural insulator...

Cherry stones are natural heaters. Each one a little chunk of hardwood with a bubble of air trapped inside uniquely stores and gently releases heat. A secret treasured by Swiss farmers for centuries.
Crafted in Switzerland, Swiss Cherry's thermal insulator moulds itself neatly to your traditional sash window or flush bi-fold doors. To create a highly efficient thermal barrier against drafts.

Pretty nifty already, we're also developing some edgier, urban style designs with a world-renowned art and design institution in London. 

Click here and get wrapped for Christmas...

10 Nov 2012

Swiss Cherry launches shop across Europe, the US and Canada

Today, Swiss Cherry set-up shop in Switzerland, across the European Union, the US and Canada. To officially start trading this Monday. 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II would definitely have made our VIP list hadn't we decided to launch our flagship stores with a bit less clamour.

No offence intended to Her Majesty and any other triple A-lister, but we felt it a bit more 21 century to do it online. See you there...

4 Nov 2012

Heating up for Christmas - Swiss Cherry Style

We decided to drop Christmas shopping in the big apple but to do it Swiss Cherry style. With a not too modest shopping list consisting of a hefty:

- 690m2 of newly woven Swiss cotton fabric (that would just cover centre court in Wimbledon)
- 800kg of freshly harvested cherry stones from selected Swiss cherry trees
- 6000m of finest, especially woven, hard-wearing cotton string from Switzerland

With these in stock, we'll now get busy to spice-up privileged Christmas stockings. And here you thought Santa's workshop is the only one heating up in time for the festive season...