18 Jul 2012

CSM London - A collaboration to die for

Working with Central Saint Martins Art and Design College in London is an experience to die for. Like Geof Gonzales (Look Style Award winner 2011), Swiss Cherry is on the money here.

As soon as we'll launching the insulators this autumn, we'll pick up talks with CSM Arts and Design College to realize some daring design project. If necessary with a bit crowd founding. 

That'll do to see us through this lousy English summer. So stay tuned for more and spread the good news. For more on Geonzales' inside experience at the CSM click here.

6 Jul 2012

Arguably, the world's best neck pain treatment…

Roughly 4,394082 people suffered from neck pain in the USA in the last 3 months. That's the population of New Zealand. No surprise there's a big discussion about the most efficient treatment. Luckily two leading medical brains deep-dived this challenge now (read the full mercer report here).

The winner
In short, Chiropractic care is the most effective treatment with the greatest cost savings. Closely followed by Physiotherapy in terms of treatment, but at a significantly higher cost.
BCOM research
That's why we join ranks with the BCOM to research the benefits of combining osteopathic care with
 thermotherapy. To see how our cherry stone filled, thermal massage balls help speed-up healing process and reduce overall cost. 

Your take
We're looking to start a debate about the combined approach of osteopathic treatment and thermotherapy. So what's your experience or view on this. Also, to follow our research, you can drop us a mail here.

3 Jul 2012

La dolce vita in London's Borough Market

Missing the Mediterranean? Head to 3Bis then, a tasty little gelateria from Rimini which just open doors in the heart of London's Borough Market.
Francesco Prati joined forced with gelatiere Paolo Raffaelli to bring those unique delicious flavours and renowned creamy textures to London. Judging by the queues, their search for the right organic British milk and authentic Italian ingredients paid off to create the best ice cream this side of Rimini.
The Pistacchio, Panna Cotta and Nocciola - definitely my favourite - are an fruity, silky explosion to one's palate. Mix this with some coffee and the visiting cool, fashion-conscious Italians and you might just well think you're standing in a gelateria somewhere at the Adriatic coast. Ci vediamo!

1 Jul 2012

Swiss working for the greater good...

Clariant's recently launched 'Advanced Denim' technology produces jeans using 92% less water and up to 30 % less energy than conventional manufacturing methods. Eye-watering news for any CFO in the denim business.

If used by one of the big boys, this saves 2.5 billion gallons of water, prevents 8.3 million cubic meters of wastewater and saves up to 220 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year (click here for more). 

Having exported their post-card countryside for centuries, the Swiss seem to find new ways to capitalise on their environmental conscience. This time, for the greater good. 

There you go. There's definitely more to the land of banks, watches and chocolate