25 Jun 2012

The Zen of Business Travel Packing

What has Denver Nuggets' Executive VP, the founder of Gear Patrol and the owner of internationally acclaimed design practice Dror in common? They're constantly on the go and have a 'faiblaisse' for bags...

Travelling for business? Check out Tumi's 'case studies' on You Tube to look over the shoulders of these hard-traveling, urban nomades and learn a trick or two. 

Strong packing Kung-Fu? Stronger with a Swiss Cherry Neck pad!

22 Jun 2012

The Swiss are late...

The cherry harvest kicked off in Switzerland. With largest quantities expected in the first 3 weeks in July, mother nature defies Swiss stereotypes running 8 - 12 days late, compared to last year's record crop of 3,118 tons.

A cherry is not just a cherry
Growers do not expect the premier grand cru this year, but an 'average to good' harvest of 2,215 tonnes, which -  according to the Swissfruit Association's official cherry classification - will bless us with 30% Premium class (+28 mm diameter), 48% Extra class (+24mm) and 21% First class (+21mm) cherries.

In terms of producing regions, the North-West leads with almost 50% of the annual cherry crop, followed by the East (28%) and the central Swiss region (11%).  Not quite the French  'Appellation d'origine controllee', but as you can see, a Swiss cherry is far from being just a cherry.

15 Jun 2012

May the best comments win...

Here's what twitter made of our tweets since we're online - our visual essence . Off the mark or spot on the Swiss Cherry brand?

Get lucky
Tell us what you make of this essence, our blog or Swiss Cherry. And with a bit of luck you're in for a free thermal neck pad. Perfect to relax those iPad-strained, on-line surfing, blogging neck muscles of yours...

How to win
Simply tell us what you think in the box below, or the comments box on our facebook page. The best comments enter a price draw to win a neck pad, or two massage balls - in case you are more the hands-on type....

Oh yes, and you need to join, follow or like us on at least two (2) of these - our blogfacebook, twitter or linkedin page. That's the unashamedly selfish bit. Go on then and surprise us.

12 Jun 2012

Tummy wrap with a vengeance

An essential kit of Japan's 12 century Samurai Warrior, the Haramaki helps maintain core-warmth, boosts circulation and supports your back. 
Considered the seat of one's 'Chi', or life-force-energy, the 'hara' holds great important for Aikido as well as virtually all Japanese art forms, where masters are meant 'to be acting from the hara'.
The Haramaki wont let you copy Morpheus' or Neo's amazing Matrix Moves, but it sure will help fend off cold feet and hands, boost digestion and ease menstrual cramps while providing support.

Scooping the Best New Product Award at Natural & Organice Product Europe 2012, Kokoro's Haramaki is definitely a tummy wrap with a vengeance - click here for more

2 Jun 2012

Schweizer Masterclass in Corporate Governance

While its 125 year old brand epitomises Swiss traits that can be borderline boring at times, Victorinox's management principles are a far cry from being old-fashioned. 

Unashamedly underpinned by Christian values, they are lightyears ahead of today's all to often shortsighted management practices. Insights for corporate ethics? You bet they are.