28 Mar 2012

TMD what?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) or TMD occurs when the chewing muscles and the joints of the jaws don't work together correctly. 

This leads to significant pain, most of all severe headache caused by painful muscle contractions. Starting in the forehead, temple or back of the head, it spreads to the neck, shoulders and back. 

The more natural treatments for pain-relief include accupuncture, physiotherapy, and not surprisingly good old thermotherapy or cyrotherapy.

Do you suffer from TMD and use thermotherapy for pain relief? 
Drop us a line. We're currently testing our thermal neck pads for ideal TMD pain relief and seek a few more patients.

23 Mar 2012

Tablets can be a pain in the neck!

Dr. Kochhar, a UK-based shoulder specialist, reports a steady increase of patients seeking treatment for injuries caused by the heavy use of iPads, kindle etc. (http://goo.gl/sGTMD).

Tablet addicts be warned - the iPad shoulder goes roundIn case you can't resist the pull to be constantly on, you best combine your iPad with one of our thermal neck pads (http://goo.gl/N1i1y).
A few minutes in a microwave and they gently release a steady flow of heat into your neck and shoulders, extending tissue, decreasing stiffness and reducing pain. 

15 Mar 2012

A Japanese-Swiss love affair..

Apparently, there're over 100 different types of cherry trees in Japan, varying in number and colour of petals, form, time of blooming and more. A pretty impressive, beautiful and centuries-old tradition. 

Surprisingly, the good old Swiss have a similar fascination, sporting over 500 different types of cherries and more cherry trees per capita than anyone else. Good for us...

A little known Swiss industry & heritage we'll shed some light on during the course of this year. 

12 Mar 2012

A novel research project

We had a very promising meeting with the Principal of a leading international faculty for Osteopathy / osteopathic medicine last week. 

To discuss clinical research projects about the benefits of manual osteopathic treatment combined with active thermotherapy.

Aiming to get this off the ground within a few months, we start developing an additional natural thermal product now. To further drive the body's very own healing processes during and between treatments. All very exciting, very hands-on...

Hanami - Don't miss the cherry blossoms

Spring in the Provence is great, but what could possibly beat Hanami in Japan? 

Celebrating life's beauty and its ephemerality by joining this centuries-old tradition of flower viewing?

The pick is yours 
The Sakura Zensen or cherry blossom front started in Okinawa in January and is travelling north now. 

It usually arrives in Kyoto and Tokyo at the end of March to reach Hokkaido only a few weeks later. 

For details you best check the Sakura page on Japan's official weather forecast website - simply click here.

Feeling generous?
In case you can't make it this year, I'm happy to volunteer and report back from your Hanami city of choice... in this sense 'Doumo arigatou gozaimashita'.

10 Mar 2012

Swiss Made - A fading reality?

Do national stereotypes still bear relevance for today's over-informed, inter-connected, authenticity-searching global consumer? Or has it simply seen its heyday?

Not at all. Switzerland's watch trade rightfully champions new levels of authenticity, we think. To reinforce transparency, build respect and ultimately trust. For more click here.

Swiss made - the new, old and particularly today very relevant ambassador for Swiss quality.

How much Schweiz is enough?
How much has to originate from and need to be manufactured in Switzerland for your watch, cheese or banker to feel genuine… Swiss?

9 Mar 2012

This isn't window dressing really...

A milestone in Swiss Cherry's history. And smart answer to the never ending saga of the rattling, draughty traditional sash window...

Just in time before the first aficonados stepped into St. David's Coffee house, our very first thermal insulators went into action yesterday morning.

Filled with hundreds of hard-working cherry stones from Switzerland, our thermal insulator not only help reduce the draught that come with sash windows. They are also a very efficient thermal barrier. To block out the cold, keep customers cosy and Dan and his crew busy...

More than a pretty face? Stop-by and let us know...

6 Mar 2012

On air - finally

Since a few short moments, Swiss Cherry's website is alive and kicking. Bringing you novel, all natural thermal products. Oh, and they look really great too...

So what's your favorite item of the launch collection then?

1 Mar 2012

Finally flying the Swiss flag again.

Remember the embarrassment of having to search for some spare change? To pay for a spot of tea served in a paper cup? 

With its new focus on the privileged upper segment, discerned comfort and even more personal convenience, Swiss is finally flying the flag for brand Switzerland again. Welcome home, we're glad to have you back. 

So what's left to do now? Why not start relaxing those strained, over-worked neck and shoulder muscles with a few of Swiss Cherry's all natural thermal neck pads. After all, over 50 % of corporate high-flyers complain about neck and shoulder pains after long-haul flights. Wouldn't you just want one to relax a bit?