27 Feb 2012

Where's Winter hibernating?

Aargh... we're about to launch our thermal products in the UK shortly and spring's sweet face appeared all over Europe.

Fully knowing that I'll upset a good part of
UK's 62,218,761+ sun-starved population, I'll be selfishly praying for colder weather, lots of snow and strong gales.

And ask for forgiveness later. 

19 Feb 2012

Worthy a red dot?

In a couple of days, our first thermal insulator goes on display in London. Along with a little red sticker...

To share the story about the humble cherry stone which not only reduces
the draft that comes with Sash windows, but also stores and gently releases heat.

Tell us, if a draughty Sash in your favorite diner keeps giving you that cold shoulder. Or stops you from enjoying that trendy coffee bar. 

We'll let them how nature and smart product design can bring you back and make all the difference. Worthy our red dot? You bet.

18 Feb 2012

Hot gems...

The design meisters from 300million spoilt us again this week. Solving creative challenges, pushing key marketing pieces through a busy studio, squeezing in extra corrections rounds and more... 
Here's one big thank you. You're worth every million.

6 Feb 2012

Compulsively obsessive...

The view from my Swiss office earlier today. The morning after a rather chilling night with minus 36 degrees. 

Just in case you've ever wondered why the Swiss have this compulsive obsession of constantly having to shut doors and insulate draughty windows...

Any other Swiss OCD you can't explain?

3 Feb 2012

Ready for the big chill?

Got a Sash window that fears the heavy
snow that's about to hit the South East?

If so, here's a sneak preview of our thermal insulators that help reduce draft to the max. 

Good enough our website will go live just in time next week. Now, there's a good reason for a bookmark...

1 Feb 2012

Hitting town soon...

Here's a brief top-line about our transition from setting-up shop in Switzerland to preparing the UK market.  ...

Listen here