17 Jan 2012

How to make a great place even more cherished...

A flat white at St. David's coffee house is very much a treasured, late Friday morning tradition of mine and this week's one will be even more cherished. 

We'll shoot pictures of Swiss Cherry's very first thermal insulator in this tasteful, discerned place. To make those savored breaks at St. David's that little bit more comfortable during these cold winter days.

So stop-by if you are near and drop us a line what you make of St. David's, their flat white and soon enough Swiss Cherry's thermal insulator.

13 Jan 2012

Creating the market

Monday, we'll start producing a first series of promotional products in our very own Swiss Cherry fabric. It's a modest, understated linen / cotton damask fabric, exclusively woven for us by a renowned Swiss textile mill. 

With product development completed, we're cutting the ribbon to a exciting new chapter on our journey now. The transition from setting-up shop to building the market. Putting all our experience, creativity and efforts to the test. Exciting times ahead.

12 Jan 2012

Sleeping rough these days?

We finally met up with Centre Point today. An amazing charity that provides young people who are sofa-surfing or sleeping rough with a safe, warm home and future (http://goo.gl/OHxh2).

By contributing a donation per product sold, we'll be helping them get more kids off London's street. Sounds simple, but making a difference in someone's life makes all the difference for us. 

Can you put a price on this? Let us know.

5 Jan 2012

Every other business traveller suffers!

It can't be ignored - according to the Business Traveller's on-line poll, a staggering 50 % of business travellers do actually suffer from back or neck pain after a long haul flight.

Luckily, Swiss Cherry will shortly launch an all natural and totally safe answer to curb this embarrassing trend once for all. Watch this space premium airliners and corporate high-flyers alike...