17 Dec 2011

Do you suffer from neck pain after a long flight?

The Business Traveller Magazine wants to hear from you.

To cast your vote click here, scroll down and have your say. You'll see the overall score right away.

Thanks too for buliding the case for one of our hottest product - Swiss Cherry's thermal neck pad for the corporate traveller. Nice one.

14 Dec 2011

Be first to spread the love...

Just in time for Christmas, we finished development of our range of thermal massage balls. And while we can't fully reveal them right now, we hope you like this more colorful preview:

Sadly, you won't have them under your Christmas tree this year, but if you drop us a line, we make sure you'll be one of the first to spread their magic. In the meantime, we do our best mounting-up initial production and finalizing our site to be ready for your e-tailing soon.