26 Oct 2011

Not a banksy just yet...

But raw, fast, contextual. Urban street art adorning Shaftesbury Avenue's fire station (near the Curzon). Spotted just a few days ago… any idea who this is?

12 Oct 2011

On board relaxation - guaranteed!

The ever so busy, deadline-driven, performance conscious, always efficient corporate high-flyers amongst us might soon be in for a personal Swiss Cherry moment. And simply relax - just for a little while, of course.

We had an initial meeting with a leading premium airline, who's looking into a possible partnership with us now. To further improve physical comfort and personal well-being of their core customers.

Here's then hopefully, to an even more pleasant in-flight experience...

Let's help build their future...

I noticed centre point charity some time ago and was impressed by what they do for young homeless people. For just 40p they provide a safe, clean and warm room a young person can call home.

What's more, to help people like David live independently, they provide counseling and support, training and employment advice and further life skills.

As Swiss Cherry is not just about heath, insulation and personal comfort, but social responsibility and sustainability too, this feels like a perfect partnership.

That's why we're talking to the centre point charity right now as we want to donate a given amount for every product sold here in the UK. To help give homeless young people a future.