28 Sep 2011

the world's leading new old fashion school

Had a promising meeting today in the brand new location / building of the world's most famous fashion school. Just in time before it opens doors for students next week.

Tate modern's spirit must have moved north of the river. This is one amazing, inspiring, and awesome place to work and study - here's a sneak preview.

I am quietly confident we'll find a way for Swisscherry to tap into CML's renowned creative energy. To amplify our approach to biomimicry and eco-fashion with the necessary dose of urban edge

Here's a shot trailer about  CML's history.

14 Sep 2011

Victorinox - (re)made!

127 year old Swiss brand Victorinox got a new urban edge with Christopher Raeburn's limited edition of 8 vintage fashion items.

Using the motto 'Remade in Switzerland', young British fashion designer Raeburn re-purposed authentic Swiss army materials from field jackets, sleeping
bags and jet pararchutes breaks to
unused horse shoe nails.

Remade in Switzerland - Feels authentic, relevant and contemporary. The result of a fruitful collaboration of a few passionate minds. And a bit like Swisscherry, I dare to say.

Procrastination won't work this time.
Each of the 8 collector items are limited
to exactly 100 pieces . 

Get it here:

12 Sep 2011

Exmouth market - inspiring and tasty

Enjoyed a great morning in Exmouth market visiting 300million, one of the UK's most inspiring creative design agencies, discussing the forthcoming Swisscherry website and marketing efforts for the launch. Can't wait to see the concepts...

We wrapped up the meeting with a hearty, no-nonsense traditional British lunch at Meatballs, the former Quality Chop House.

A tasty lunch and fantastic 1870's interior design by Sir Roland Plumbe. Definitely worth your time and money, when ever you end up hungry in Farringdon.

P.S. Their vegetarian meatballs are said to be as impressive...

7 Sep 2011

Let's get London's coffee shops fit for winter

Savoring a flat white in Forest Hill's St. David's coffee bar recently, I felt this year's first autumn breeze squeezing through a Victorian sash window, chilling laptop, hands and coffee.

This prompted the thought to mobilize coffee aficionados across town to get their favorite shop ready for the big chill. By helping us find London's hottest coffee bar with the draftiest sash windows.

We'll sponsor the draftiest few bars with bespoke thermal insulators.To maximize unadulterated coffee bean pleasure and to spread word about another natural gem.

So, drop us a mail on mycoffeeshop@swisscherry.com with your coffee shop's details, your name and mobile. And with a bit of luck they're in for a treat. Somehow we think you too...

P.S. Know another aficionado? Share it with the links below...

1 Sep 2011

Thumbs up...

Saw the new prototypes at the Swiss production atelier this afternoon - they are spot on. The new fabrics look and feel great and are fantastic to work with.

The improved shapes as well are almost in the bag. So, with another round of tests, wear and tear and final design tweaks, we should be there.

Also, I managed to meet the osteopath from the BCOM before flying out. The preliminary research provided an enthusiastic thumbs up for our innovative massage balls, which we'll optimize now and then try to submit for an extended clinical study. Fingers crossed.