29 Aug 2011

Guaranteed to make you feel like a VIP

LCY - BRN  with Skyworks. Guaranteed to make you feel like a VIP. Short, personal, efficient and straight into Switzerland's cultural heart.
I'm off to discuss a new series of prototypes (in our test-fabrics now), to meet suppliers, to talk prices ... setting-up shop still. My hope is I manage to catch-up with the osteopath from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine who tested our massage balls on patients last month before boarding.

Exciting days...The only bother, I had to push back a meeting with 300million. To finalize imagery / photography for the website and to brief-in our launch marketing piece. A creative challenge, I very much look forward tackling with these outstanding creative minds.

18 Aug 2011

A cheery choice

Swiss textile manufacturing
Fil-à-fil, fair-trade cotton, pic-à-pic, Jacquard-weaving - got a crash-course in textile manufacturing today. In Switzerland's picturesque Emmental where rock-solid tradition meets cutting-edge technology. 

Here's your chance
Spoilt for choice, we left with amazing fabric samples and colors. To create our very own fabric and Jacquard designs... feeling inspired? Let us know.

12 Aug 2011

Better than banks, watches and chocolate?

What a week. Just booked a flight to finalize prototypes and source fabrics in Switzerland. A welcomed trip through relaxing countrysides and break from urban London which showed us its worst and best recently.

Switzerland's hidden natural resource...
But there's more to the Swiss now than licked highways, UBS, Rolex, Linth etc. Looking at nature for inspiration, I re-discovered a hidden natural resource and amazing thermal gem – Swiss cherry stones.

Basically a small bit of hard wood with a bubble of air trapped inside, cherry stones have ideal thermal qualities to store and release heat. No wonder, generations of farmers used them to comfort aching bodies and to give cold beds extra glow.

Natural Thermal Engineering
But cherry stones can do much more. That's why we brought together scientific research, osteopathic therapy and ergonomic design to develop a range of products that further exploit the thermal properties of this natural, versatile gem. They include:

- Thermal insulation to increase comfort in homes / conservatories
- Heat pads for save and natural thermotherapy at home / on the go
- Massage balls to combine the professional deep tissue massage with thermotherapy

Manufactured in discreet natural fabrics or exclusive designs from innovative fashion designers they are all natural, highly functional and stylish. Spoilt for choice? I hope.
Posted by A.C.

10 Aug 2011

Entering the sphere

With the holding page finally up there, email accounts and auto-reply set-up, Swisscherry's first blog is in the making right now.

I guess it might turn into a log of our ambition and progress to fuse nature, fashion and creative thinking to market smart products based on one of nature's thermal flasks.

Here we go then - a busy week puting together our on-line shop, optimizing prototypes and logistics in Switzerland and sourcing creative minds for cool fabric designs in the UK and abroad - Pointers are most welcomed.
Posted by A.C.