16 Oct 2014

Win This Winter Warmer Having Some Good Old Fun

Built a pile of leaves recently, summersaulted into it and felt like a kid again? If this sounds a bit too daunting then here's an alternative to give you some of that youth back...

Get a loved one to spoil you with a massage using a Swiss Cherry massage ball to combine manual therapy with heat.  

Ready in a microwave in minutes, hundreds of hot cherry stones will then gently release their stored up heat. The benefits being pain relief, reduced stiffness as well as increased blood flow, protein levels and oxygen supply.

Win This Winter Warmer...
Actually, we love this
 perfect little winter warmer so much, that we give away 5 massage balls. Simply send us a picture with you having fun building, jumping, sitting or kicking in that magic pil of autum leaves and you'll end up in our price draw for the 5 best shots...

So go on then, charge your phone, grab your kids and hit the park for some action. Then send us your best shot with an email to moreabout@swisscherry.com before the 30.10.14. Have fun...

29 Aug 2014

Give That Travel Sickness a Break...

Thinking about topping-up that faded summer tan? Then let no travel sickness stand between you and your dream destination. 

Strolling through my local dropa pharmacy recently, I discoverd a handy little gem which taps into the centuries-old Traditional Chinese Medicine in a novel way. 

Applying gentle pressure on the Nèi guān (內關) or P6 point on our pericardium meridian, the Sea-Band uses this crucial little spot to efficiently treat all kind of nausea. 

From travel and morning sickness to side effects from chemo therapy and radiation treatments.

The Sea-Band comes in different colours, a little travel box and a set of two. Best of all you'll be blending in nicely with the current loom-band craze.

Thats brings us back to what matters most. Where to go! So in case you haven't made up your mind as to where to fetch that gentle sun, here are ten autumn jaw droppers...

26 Aug 2014

You Better Watch out, you Better Wrap up...

With all this miserably cold, wet and windy weather recently,
there's a sneaky little visitor coming to town now.

So here are a few hints on how to duck the reckless 'Aekegstabi' (stiff neck) courtesy of the Swiss radio. Click here to listen (Swiss German only - sorry guys).

However, if it stoke already and you're moving around like a disfunctional Dalek then I suggest to kick it to the kerb with a thermal neck pad from Swiss Cherry

Ergonomically shaped to snug your body, our neck pads rest in place to relax your muscles, neck and upper back with healing heat providing safe and gentle thermo therapy.

So go on then and spoil yourself a little. You're more than worth it. Whether you're relaxing at home or have to remain on the go...

24 Aug 2014

From Addiction to Affliction - Always On has its Price

Tablets are not just a useful modern-life addition. 
They're fast becoming a modern-life affliction.

The corporate warriors and urban commuters who are crowding platforms and osteopaths' waiting rooms alike led to the creation of the new term "iPad Neck". 

Maybe trendy, but it's the shorthand for all kind of upper-body muscle and joint tension which result from gazing downwards in an ever more sharply, unnatural position. So, being constantly online has its price. 

I suffer the same addiction, but duck its afflicion with a fool-proof, all natural treatment. Swiss Cherry's novel neck pad.
It taps into the cherry stones' unique ability to store and gently release heat while its ergonomic design gently snugs around one's neck and upper back, thus proving safe heat-therapy. 

Simply stick it in your microwave for a couple of minutes and give your neck that well-deserved rest. Where ever you are

To good to be true? Then listen what Rochelle, a TMD patient from London thinks about the neck pad...

"I have TMD and as a result suffer with a lot of facial, neck and back pain. I found the thermal neck pad to be really comforting. Not only does it retain it's heat for a full 25mins, but is the only product I have used to date that has directly effected the facial nerves helping to relax them."                                                                                                            Rochelle R. , London

20 Aug 2014

Marmot Oil, Nature's Rheumatic Remedy - Back With a Vengence

With Europe's urbanites sadly storing away little-used summer cloths, Graubuenden's dear-hunters, while preparing their gear, must be grinning broadly about this mercilessly wet and early autumn.

A little-know fact of their soon to start local hunting season is that it provides the majority of marmots necessary for that sought after fat. To stretch through hybernation, Alpine marmots store up to 50 % of their body weight in fat.

Once rendered into oil, you end up with an all-natural, traditional remedy to effectively treat rheumatic illness, joint and muscle pains. And with robust scientific research backing up its healing properties (i.e. up to 80 mg corticoide per kilo, several fatty acides), there's little wonder why marmot oil has been used for ages as a precious, natural cortison.

These days, you don't even have to put up with the nose-straining old-fashioned rendering process any longer. Simpy order it online at Puralpina a local family business, infused with either warming or cooling herbal essences. The choice is yours.

Here's then to another all-natural Swiss gem, shared by Swiss Cherry...

16 Jul 2014

How to Stir-up the Swiss This August

If you're after genuine appreciation from the rather reserved Swiss folks, forget taking up yodelling classes this summer.

Instead fetch one of the fashionable Streetbelts with those iconic number plaques recycled from decommissioned fire hydrants. Yep, even these got numbered, logged and accounted for over here.

To stir up even more patriotic feelings, go for the Swissbelt which sports the famous Swiss cross. 

Just perfect for the 1st August, the Swiss' national holiday.

Their store in Berne's Rathausgasse and on-line shop with 1000 buckles will leave you spoilt for choice. 

Not convinced?
Then, maybe the twerk will just do the trick... Here's how to twerk.

31 Aug 2013

I'd Hose Manne...

At 8 AM precisely this morning, the Eidgenoessische Schwingfest finally got under its way. With exactly 50'013 fans in Burgdorf's beautiful arena and many more beyond...

While commercialisation endangers the event's yet unspoilt character, it is still a testimony of good old-fashioned values of respect and sportsmanship as well a 
celebration of Swiss traditions lived and cherished by this astounding littel nation. Would be great to see a Schlussgang with two Bernese Schwinger shaking hands in the Sagmehl. Ideally Kilian Wenger and Matthias Sempach...

More here www.burgdorf2013.ch or any self-respecting sports channel...